Welcome To Seattle Bernedoodles

I bred Bernese Mountain Dogs for years and now F1 Bernedoodles. I added the doodles because of the hypoallergenic nature and intelligence of the poodle along with the amazing temperament and striking looks of the Bernese Mountain Dog. If there are others, you might search, our record is clean.

You are welcome to come visit my house and see the program, with that, call me with any questions or fill out the questionnaire on the "Adopting" page and send in your deposit to get on the list.

One dam is pregnant right now and the puppies are due in a couple weeks. They would go home in the spring. The two litters after that will go home in the late summer/early fall and fall/winter of 2020.

Below are pictures of the litter that went home Thanksgiving weekend - from newborns to when they went home....

Born October 4, 2019 Born October 4, 2019

12's (Seahawks)... The spring litter of S E A H A W K S in 2019 are shown below in order of birth. Doug, PJ (Paul and Jody), Russell, Schneider, Bobby, Tyler and Pete. They are happy in their new homes......

Doug Born May 24, 2019 PJ Born May 24, 2019
Russell Born May 24, 2019 Schneider Born May 24, 2019 Bobby Born May 24, 2019
Tyler Born May 24, 2019 Pete Born May 25, 2019