Welcome To Seattle Bernedoodles

I had been a longtime breeder of Bernese Mountain Dogs and now breed F1 Bernedoodles. I added the doodles because of the hypoallergenic nature and intelligence that the poodle presents along with the amazing temperament and striking looks of the Bernese Mountain Dog. At this simple site, you will see images of the past litters. If you are serious about adopting a Bernedoodle fill out the questionnaire on the "Adopting" page. Also on this page is the adopting fee and current list for adoption.

THe October litter will go home Thanksgiving weekend and the next litter from a different dam will be going home in the spring of 2020.

Below are pictures of the curent litter and all are spoken for.

Born October 4, 2019 Born October 4, 2019 Born October 4, 2019

The spring litter of S E A H A W K S are shown below in order of birth. Doug, PJ (Paul and Jody), Russell, Schneider, Bobby, Tyler and Pete. They have gone to their new homes.

Doug Born May 24, 2019 PJ Born May 24, 2019
Russell Born May 24, 2019 Schneider Born May 24, 2019 Bobby Born May 24, 2019
Tyler Born May 24, 2019 Pete Born May 25, 2019